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Recycling is Dead?

By Michael Scott   The history of academic argument is replete with examples of very smart people crafting very eloquent essays to support positions that proved to be very very wrong.   Witness a recent column titled “The Reign of Recycling” as costs continue to rise, which was given a platform in no less a publication than the New York Times.  The author claims that broadly-based recycling…
Posted by WDO Admin on Feb 5, 2016

My Listening Series Part Two: Of Elephants and Comparisons

By Michael Scott   Given that we live next door to the world’s last superpower, it is the fate of Canadians to forever compare ourselves to our neighbours to the south (note that despite Spell Check’s insistence, I proudly do not spell it ‘neighbors’). As Pierre Trudeau once observed, it is like sleeping with an elephant—we feel every twitch and grunt.    Given its size, our friends in the…
Posted by WDO Admin on Jan 5, 2016

My Municipal ‘Listen and Learn’ Meetings: What I’m Hearing

By Michael Scott   An ancient Greek philosopher named Zeno is quoted as saying: “We have two ears and one mouth, so we should listen more than we say.” Wise words.   That’s why every year, I travel to municipalities across the province to listen and learn about their projects, ideas and concerns about the recycling programs we oversee – and waste management in general. Over the past year, I…
Posted by WDO Admin on Dec 7, 2015
Feb 4, 2016

Reminder: RFPs Relating to the Blue Box Program

Reminder: on January 26, we placed two RFPs on our website.   The first RFP is…
Jan 29, 2016

SodaStream Submits Single-Steward ISP for CO2 Cylinders

For more information on the SodaStream ISP, click here.
Jan 28, 2016

CEO Update Report (January 2016)

To read our January 2016 CEO Update Report, please click here. The January 2016…

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