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Term, Review and Amendments to the ISP

by Mary Cummins, WDO Oversight Analyst   While an Industry Stewardship Plan (ISP) covers a five-year period, the term of a Plan Agreement is three years, with automatic renewal each year after the initial three-year period, unless terminated earlier by WDO or the Industry Stewardship Organization (ISO).   The Plan Agreement may be reviewed at the request of either party, at any time, but any…
Posted by WDO Admin on Jul 31, 2015

Roles and Responsibilities

by Mary Cummins, WDO Oversight Analyst   One of the important purposes of the Plan Agreement is to define WDO’s and the Industry Stewardship Organization’s (ISO’s) roles and responsibilities under the Industry Stewardship Plan (ISP). In part, the roles are identified through a series of legally-binding promises (called covenants).   For example, WDO promises to: ŸŸŸ▪  Reasonably calculate the…
Posted by WDO Admin on Jul 30, 2015

The Purpose of the Plan Agreement

by Mary Cummins, WDO Oversight Analyst   The “Industry Stewardship Plan Agreement” (Plan Agreement) is a legally-enforceable contract between an Industry Stewardship Organization (ISO) and WDO. It is signed by the ISO when their final Industry Stewardship Plan (ISP) is submitted to the WDO Board for consideration, and by WDO if and when it is approved by the WDO Board. The Plan Agreement…
Posted by WDO Admin on Jul 29, 2015
Jul 27, 2015

CEO Update Report (July 27, 2015)

To read our July 27, 2015 CEO Update Report, please click here. Reminder: We…
Jul 23, 2015

WDO Introduces Members of Blue Box Cost Containment Panel

Today, WDO announced the members of a Blue Box Cost Containment Panel…
Jul 16, 2015

Board Meeting Highlights - June 17, 2015

The highlights from the recent Board meeting can be found here.

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